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Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science

School structure, bullying by teachers, moral disengagement, and students’ aggression: A mediation model

Ivaniushina V. A., Alexandrov D. A.

Frontiers in Psychology. 2022. Vol. 13.

Book chapter

Krivoshlykova L., Pushkina A., V. Ryabkova.

In bk.: INTED2022 Proceedings: 16th International Technology, Education and Development Conference. IATED Academy, 2022. P. 289-295.

Working paper

Bulygin D., Musabirov I.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2020. No. 60.

Masha Eroveefa is on exchange program: first impressions of China

Masha is a third-year student of the educational program "Sociology and social informatics". She takes an active part in research projects of the Laboratory. It was Masha who every day reported about our work in Novosibirsk and shared the research notes with you!
We’d like to share the wonderful news: Masha has moved to China as a participant of the student exchange programme. We talked to Masha and collected her impressions from studying abroad. Read the article to find out why studying at HSE is similar to studying in China? How do locals feel about foreigners? And where is the «Paradise on Earth»?

How did Lab research condition of STEM disciplines in schools of Vyborgsky district

The expedition finished in the first half of October, the students and researchers of СЛОН have already returned to their educational and working duties, but continue to discuss stories from the field work. Currently, this is very useful – we are preparing the reports and planning further work. And, of course, we have written this final material on the website for those who follow our adventures.
The laboratory has conducted the expedition after a long forced break. The previous field work of students and researchers of the Laboratory outside the city was organised in the distant 2019 – for obvious reasons, until recently we could not afford such luxury. Fortunately, this year, the tradition of field research is coming back!

We are preparing for our field expedition

Long-awaited meetings were held this week with participants of an expedition organised by the “Sociology of education and science” laboratory in Vyborgsky district of Leningrad Oblast. The expedition was moved from Spring to Autumn, so now we have even more strength and desire to start working on it.

Valeriya Ryabkova: love of linguistics and self-regulated learning

This week we have one more big piece of news. In the staff of СЛОН research lab, there is a new colleague!In an interview, Valeriya Ryabkova tells about her career path - education as a philologist, foreign language courses at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, master’s degree in pedagogical sciences, and also what she will research in the Laboratory. Spoiler: Valeria’s academic interest relates to methods and strategies in learning.We are waiting for new publications and wish you success! And for those who are interested in how to integrate mobile technologies in the study of foreign languages – Valeria suggests reading several useful articles!

We research the features of Personal Learning Environment: first-year students’ projects

There are several things we like to talk about. One of these is the projects and research of students that they conduct at the Laboratory. We especially like when students can share the result of such projects with each other and with others. That is why we regularly hold local conferences of various sizes and formats.

Alla Loseva about 3rd MiC DRoP

Something in the world goes on as usual – namely, the Mini-Conference of Demo-Reviews of Рисёрч, which is traditionally held in March. We call “tradition” the 3rd such conference, and hardly can you argue that three years is not a reason to use such big words. From the interview with Alla Loseva, you will learn about how MiC DRoP changes from year to year, and what insights and solutions she uses to make the student learning process more engaging and useful.

Kate Chernyh on student exchange: a voice message from Scotland

Kate Chernyh works at the Laboratory as a research assistant and studies in the 4th year of her bachelor’s degree “Sociology and social informatics”. She went to study abroad in Autumn and now she is studying the basics of App Design at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield.Follow the link below to read the interview with Kate. Why is it better to study half an hour from London than in the capital? Was it difficult to get used to English communication, given the British accent peculiarities?

"Networks 2021" Сonference: working together, speaking in 10 minutes, listening to presentations instead of series.

A Joint Sunbelt and NetSci Conference attracted network research professionals - physicists, zoologists, mathematicians, sociologists. From July 5th to 10th, they presented their studies from morning to night, discussed the results, and listened to each other. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, from methodical programming of network analysis software to applied things in various fields of science.

Illustration for news: Olya Yarygina and the Danish Chronicle

Olya Yarygina and the Danish Chronicle

The Lab's column, in which we tell you how our research interns, graduates of the St. Petersburg Higher School, are doing

Anastasia Menshikova about PhD in Sweden

A section of the Lab in which we share how the graduates of the St. Petersburg Higher School, who used to be our research interns, are doing.