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Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science

Women’s History in Russia: (Re)Establishing the Field

Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.

Vocational education paths, youth activities, and underage drinking in Russia: How early does the trouble start?

Lushin V., Jaccard J., Ivaniushina V. A. et al.

International Journal of Drug Policy . 2017. Vol. 45. P. 48-55.

Book chapter
Deconstructing Cosmetic Virtual Goods Experiences in Dota 2

Musabirov I., Bulygin D., Paul Okopny et al.

In bk.: CHI '17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. NY: ACM, 2017. P. 2054-2058.

Working paper
Extracurricular Sport and Risk Behaviour: Are They Related?

Khodorenko D. K., Titkova V.

Education. EDU. Высшая школа экономики, 2016. No. 38.

Segregation in Schools and Neighborhoods: Consequences and Dynamics 2017

8 и 9 июня представители НУЛ СОН Даниил Александров и Ксения Тенишева принимали участие в конференции «Segregation in schools and neighborhoods: consequences and dynamics», организованной Международной сетью аналитической социологии (INAS). Мероприятие проходило в Осло, столице Норвегии.

Ksenia Tenisheva Has Defended PhD Thesis

This Friday in Moscow, Ksenia defended her Ph.D. thesis “The influence of the social environment on the academic success and vocational plans of students (based on schools in St. Petersburg and the Moscow region)”

World Anti-Bullying Forum

One of the SELS working areas is studying of the socio-psychological climate at schools. In particular, teenage aggression and bullying is one of the areas that receive our attention. Attacks, bullying, insulting pranks, and exclusion from communication can be found among children and teenagers of different ages. Relatively recently, so-called cyber-bullying that takes place in social networks has been also added to more traditional forms of bullying.

Popularity and Criteria for Popularity for Boys and Girls

On March 31, 2017, at a regular SESL seminar, Vera Titkova presented her report “Popularity and Criteria for Popularity for Boys and Girls.”

VII Grushin Sociological Conference

On March 15-16th, the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) held the VII Grushin Sociological Conference, where SESL staff members presented the results of their research

My Impressions of Data Fest

On February 11-12, the Moscow office of the mail.ru group hosted a conference “Open Data Fest” on open data and open data science. The HSE students and the SELS staff attended the conference as members of audience. This Data Fest was the fourth event of this kind, which brought together researchers, engineers and developers engaged in various aspects of the data science. The conference program included several lectures on a range of topics, from a review of methods for analyzing big data in various areas of research, social sciences, to the latest advances in machine learning. Along with the lectures, where was an a series of practical events, like Pecha Kucha, where everyone had an opportunity to talk briefly about their research, which was followed by more detailed discussions of the most interesting cases.

Letters from Sweden from Alexandra Koptyaeva When Research Dreams Come True

In November, the Stockholm University hosted the two-day workshop “Challenges in Contemporary Society”, which was organized together with the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) by efforts of Professor Hedstrom. The legendary Professor Douglas Massey, an American sociologist from Princeton University, was the key speaker at the workshop. I was able to attend both of his lectures, a closed meeting with IAS staff after the first lecture, and even managed to have a chat with him.

Ksenia Tenisheva presents: “Deprivation and educational adaptability of migrant students in Russian schools”

The Council of Young Scientists of the Department of Sociology of St. Petersburg State University and the Center for German and European Studies invite for the final seminar of the autumn session “Scientific Wednesdays” on the topic “Ethnic stereotyping and social exclusion in school”, which will take place on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at 19:00. The seminar will be held at the Department of Sociology of St. Petersburg State University (Smolny Street 1/3, Entrance 9, room 229). 

GESIS Computational Social Science Winter Symposium, 2016

Several students and staff members of SELS attended an international conference, GESIS CSS Winter Symposium 2016, which was taking place Cologne (Germany) on November, 30, andl December, 1.

Cooperation with Chinese Universities

In the end of November, several staff members of the Higher School of Economics took a trip to China. Over these two weeks they were meeting with Chinese colleagues and discussed the prospects of scientific and academic cooperation. As the head of the SELS, Daniel Alexandrov was establishing partnership relations not just for the University on the whole, but also for our Laboratory, and during his meetings he was discussing prospects for joint research projects in the field of education.