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Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science

Women’s History in Russia: (Re)Establishing the Field

Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.

Codes of Conduct in the Soviet School System. Part 1: The Teacher as the Mouthpiece of the State

K.A. Maslinsky.

Russian Education and Society. 2016. Vol. 58. No. 5-6. P. 428-451.

Book chapter
Deconstructing Cosmetic Virtual Goods Experiences in Dota 2

Musabirov I., Bulygin D., Paul Okopny et al.

In bk.: CHI '17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. NY: ACM, 2017. P. 2054-2058.

Working paper
Extracurricular Sport and Risk Behaviour: Are They Related?

Khodorenko D. K., Titkova V.

Education. EDU. Высшая школа экономики, 2016. No. 38.

Research internship at Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science

From the beginning of this academic year the Laboratory welcomes a new research intern – Marica Sharashenidze. She has recently earned her degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas. Marica majored in Sociology and minored in Medical studies. This year she came to the Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science to conduct a research project focusing on second generation migrant students in Saint Petersburg schools. Marica found the Laboratory while looking for scientific papers on migrants and considered some of its English-language publications relevant. After that she asked D. A. Aleksandrov if there were opportunities to get a research internship in the Laboratory. We talked to Marica about how does it feel to be a sociologist in America and asked about her research plans in Russia.

Preliminary Thesis Defense by Ksenia Tenisheva

On the 21st of October 2016, at the meeting of the Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ksenia Tenisheva held her preliminary Ph.D. Thesis defense.

Ethnography in a Bar

Recently we made an acquaintance with a new research assistant of SESL, Marika Sharashenidze. And she is beautiful, too! On the 17th of October, at a scheduled SESL seminar, she presented the results of her ethnographic research, “Clothing as Symbol and Meaning in A Houston Bar: What clothing choice for bar goers reveals.”

Education Analytics and Its Role in Effective Functioning of Distance Education

On the 13th of October, 2016, Stephen Kerr, Professor of Education of the College of Education at the University of Washington, gave a lecture to the staff and guests of SESL. The Professor was talking about the role of education analytics in effective functioning of distance education, and how online courses can compensate for the shortcomings of full-time education, with the University of Washington as an example.

Can Children Continue the Work of Their Fathers at the Same Level?

The Head of the Laboratory gave a comment to a news resource “Lenta.ru” about whether children can continue the work of their parents at the same high level, and on the difference between nepotism and dynasties.

A Master Program in Sweden

Earlier this year a SESL student Sasha Koptyaeva has been enrolled to a Master program at the Linköping University in Sweden. She shares her first impressions with us.

How Students Spend Their Time Online

On the 26th of September, a SESL post-graduate student Dmitry Simanovskiy presented his paper "In search of the digital divide: how the schoolchildren of Saint-Petersburg use the Internet for educational purposes?” at one of the regular SESL seminars.

APSA Annual Meeting 2016

From the 1st to the 4th September, the 112th annual meeting of the American Political Science Association took place in Philadelphia (USA), with the topic "Great Transformations: Political Science and the Big Questions of Our Time." A SESL Research Assistant Daria Kharkina attended this conference.

Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks and Web Technologies

From the 28th of August to the 4th of September, there was held the Summer School and Conference ISMW FRUCT on artificial intelligence, social networks and Web technologies. The staff of our laboratory and the students of the academic program on Sociology attended this Summer School.

Ksenia Tenisheva on her impressions of the Summer School in Social Sciences in Berlin

Almost two weeks, from the 17th to the 28th July, Ksenia Tenisheva spent in Berlin, at the Summer School in Social Sciences.